Meet Your Instructor

Dennis Root is the Founder and National Director for the Force Concepts Training Council. He is a nationally recognized expert who testifies in cases regarding the use of force by police and for self-defense. Dennis served as the force expert during the well-publicized cases involving George Zimmerman (FL) and Micah LeMaster (WV). Dennis’ area of expertise has him working force cases across the United States, and he has appeared on many national and local news media programs.

Dennis has more than 27 years of law enforcement experience. He has been responsible for training and supervising countless law enforcement professionals, as well as the development and implementation of organizational policies and procedures.

During his law enforcement career, Dennis’ duties included internal affairs, training, road patrol, traffic, canine, detective, and he served as the Martin County (FL) Sheriff’s Office Use of Force Specialist. 

Dennis provides force-related training for law enforcement, professional investigators, and private individuals. He has served as the lead Defensive Tactics Instructor for four different law enforcement agencies. Dennis is also the former lead Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Indian River Criminal Justice Training Institute, where he taught both basic and advanced level training courses.

Dennis has completed more than 4,000 hours of continuing education and specialized training. He is a graduate of both the IACP Leadership in Police Organizations and the Southern Police Institute’s (SPI) Chief Executive Leadership programs.

In addition to his law enforcement and training experience, Dennis has almost a decades of experience as a professional investigator and consultant. He has had the opportunity to investigate countless cases involving the use of force. Dennis brings this real-world experience to every program he teaches.

Dennis is dedicated to helping others achieve their personal and professional goals. To accomplish this, Dennis has authored multiple force related instructor manuals to help and encourage others to take their skills to the next level. Dennis is also the author of Force Concepts: The Definitive Guide For Separating Self-Defense From Criminal Action.

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