Course Goals & Objectives

Program Goals:

My goal with this training program is to provide you with information regarding state and federal laws governing the use of force by law enforcement and for self-defense. I will explain, compare and contrast various force continuums. I will also discuss crime scene examination, processing, and evaluation. I want to provide you with information regarding human performance, and the impacts of stress on the human condition. In doing so, I will review the observational capabilities of the human mind and eye, and examine weapon considerations associated with a use of force event.

Program Objectives:

At the conclusion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Identify the US Supreme Court decisions addressing the use of force.
  • Describe the various force continuums and their applications.
  • Discuss evidence left behind during a force event.
  • Identify the impact of fear/stress on human performance
  • Discuss an individual’s ability to observe and recall event related information.
  • Explain time and distance considerations and their influence on a force event.
  • Recall crime scene assessment techniques.
  • Identify the misconceptions associated with video related evidence
  • Investigate events and or situations involving the use of force

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